Member Societies

ABET is an organization with societies - not individuals - as its members. Currently, ABET has 34 member societies, which are professional and technical organizations that represent applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology fields. These member societies join ABET so they can collaborate to review and accredit degree programs in the fields they represent. In addition, these societies recruit and help to train the 2,000 volunteers who carry out ABET's accreditation activities.

Board of Directors

The ABET Board of Directors is the governing body that sets policies and procedures, approves accreditation criteria, and strategically guides the organization.

  • The Board of Directors is led by an executive committee that includes a president, president-elect, past president, secretary, treasurer and Executive Director (non-voting).
  • Each member society appoints at least one Director or Associate Director from its membership to serve on the ABET board.
  • Five Public Directors - individuals who are not affiliated with the fields that ABET accredits through either practice or training - also serve as voting members of the board.

The Board of Directors is advised by four board-level councils.

Accreditation Commissions

ABET's four accreditation commissions lead and conduct its accreditation activities. The commissions are responsible for reviewing educational programs and rendering decisions about their accreditation. The commissions make final decisions about all program accreditation actions, except for appeals.

  • Each commission is led by an executive committee that includes a chair, chair-elect, past-chair, vice chair of operations, and members-at-large.
  • Each member society is entitled to have at least one member on each commission that reviews programs in disciplines for which that member society has primary responsibility. In addition, some member societies do not have responsibilities for any programs but still have representatives on the commissions related to their interests. For example, the National Society of Professional Engineers nominates an individual to serve on the Engineering Accreditation Commission.
  • Each commission has a public commissioner, an individual who is not affiliated with the fields that ABET accredits through either practice or training.
  • A representative from the ABET Board of Directors serves as the board liaison for each commission.

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What Does ABET Stand For?

Originally, "ABET" stood for "the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology." The organization changed its name to simply "ABET" in 2005.