Headquarters Staff


Michael Milligan, PhD, PE, CAE

Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer

Daniela Iacona, CAE

Senior Manager, International Relations and Board Operations

Debbie Chan

Executive Assistant to the CEO


Joe Sussman, PhD, F.ASME

Chief Accreditation Officer, Chief Information Officer

Maryanne Weiss

Senior Director, Accreditation Operations

Jane Emmet, MA

Director, Accreditation Operations

Ellen Stokes

Manager, Accreditation

Sherri Hersh

Manager, International Accreditation

Beth Mundy

Assistant to the Chief Accreditation Officer

Bryna Ashley

Senior Accreditation Assistant

Lakeisha Berry

Accreditation Assistant

Applied Science Accreditation Commission (ASAC)
Amanda Reid, JD

Adjunct Accreditation Director, Applied Science

Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC)
Art L. Price, PhD

Adjunct Accreditation Director, Computing

Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC)
M. Dayne Aldridge, ScD, PE

Adjunct Accreditation Director, Engineering

Douglas R. Bowman, PhD, PE

Adjunct Accreditation Director, Engineering

Susan E. Conry, PhD

Adjunct Accreditation Director, Engineering

Michael S. Leonard, PhD, PE

Adjunct Accreditation Director, Engineering

Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC)
Frank Hart, PE, PS

Adjunct Accreditation Director, Engineering Technology

Michael S. Leonard, PhD, PE

Adjunct Director, Training

Loretta I. Hoepfner, MSOD

Manager, Training

Information Management

Joe Luksic

Director, Information Management

Hwan-Kyung Chung

Software Architect

Peter Moody

Software Applications Developer and Security Analyst

Anthony Varner

Software Applications Developer

Shannon Fitzgerald

Junior Software Applications Developer

Nicole Solomon

Specialist, IT Support and Quality Systems

Communications and Marketing

Danielle Baron

Senior Director, Global Communications and Marketing

Ryan Garvin

Senior Marketing Specialist and Webmaster

Christopher Fortney

Assistant, Marketing and Communications (temp)

Constituent Relations

Charles Hickman

Managing Director, Constituent Relations

Puller Lanigan

Assistant to the Managing Director

Programs and Events

Rochelle Williams, PhD

Director, Programs and Events

Daina Briedis, PhD

Adjunct Director, Professional Development

Gloria Rogers, PhD

Adjunct Director, Professional Development

James N. Warnock, PhD

Adjunct Director, Training and Instruction

Chantelle Murat, CMP

Manager, Meetings and Events

Alena Treen

Administrative Assistant

Finance and Operations

Lance Hoboy, MBA, CAE

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Silwick, CPA


Rachelle Daucher, PHR, SHRM-CP

Senior Manager, HR & Operations

Kimberly Turner

Senior Accountant

Shekinatu Fasancy

Coordinator, Facilities and Operations

Kendra McDonald

Administration Assistant (temp)