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Why Accreditation Matters to Industry and Government

Hire the right people! As an employer, you need employees with the right education to excel at their new jobs. ABET accreditation offers that assurance.

Learn why ABET accreditation matters to you.

Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) provides the ABET Board of Directors with valuable perspectives on ABET's accreditation programs and procedures from a variety of industries and professions.

Learn more about the Industry Advisory Council.

Diploma & Accreditation Mills

What is a ''diploma mill?" Why should you avoid them? And how can you tell if a degree program has no value?

Hire the best employees.

Volunteer! Become an ABET Program Evaluator

ABET could not perform its accreditation activities without its volunteers - professionals who are passionate about improving their professions through quality education.

Bring an important perspective to the accreditation process.

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ABET Facts

What Does ABET Stand For?

Originally, "ABET" stood for "the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology." The organization changed its name to simply "ABET" in 2005.