Training for program evaluators and team chairs is offered throughout the year via online training courses and webinars. Professional Development Hours are awarded for participation. Please contact ABET's Training Manager for more assistance.

Program Evaluator Candidate Training

This is ABET's basic training course for prospective program evaluators and is designed to simulate the actual ABET program review process. Successful completion of the Program Evaluator Candidate Training is the first step in becoming an ABET Program Evaluator. The entire Program Evaluator Candidate Training process consists of three separate steps:

  • an online learning experience
  • face-to-face facilitated instruction
  • society specific training (if applicable)

The online portion of Program Evaluator Candidate Training typically takes 20-25 hours and requires written work and the completion of three end-of-module quizzes. Once the online training is complete, Program Evaluator Candidates then attend Face-to-Face training, which is a one and a half day experiential workshop that simulates an on-site visit.

Program Evaluator Candidates who successfully complete both the online and the Face-to-Face training may then be selected by his or her member society to serve as a program evaluator. Some societies require additional specialized training, which is conducted separately by the society.

The entire Program Evaluator Candidate Training process begins in March and ends in June. The online training must be completed at least three weeks before the face-to-face course.

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Pre-Visit Preparation

This online training course is offered each summer and fall to those PEVs assigned to evaluate a program. This training provides critical updates on any commission-specific changes that will affect the review process, as well as updates to policy, procedures, and campus visit logistics. Program Evaluators complete this training at least three weeks before their assigned visit. This course is available online for the duration of each accreditation cycle.

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Refresher Training

This online course is designed to ensure consistency in the review process by providing all program evaluators exposure to the latest updates to ABET criteria, processes, and procedures. Program Evaluators typically participate in this training once every five years (assuming there is no lapse in service). Refresher Training is always available online.

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Training for Accreditation Visits Outside the U.S.

This training program is a primer for team chairs and program evaluators participating in accreditation visits outside the United States for the first time. It can also be used as a refresher for those who have previously participated in accreditation visits to programs outside the United States. This course is always available online, and is completed at least three weeks before the assigned visit.

Training for Accreditation Visits Outside the U.S. 

New Team Chair Training

Over time, many successful Program Evaluators ascend into leadership roles within ABET as team chairs (commissioners). This course is always available online and should be completed by newly appointed Team Chairs approximately six weeks before the Summer Commission Meetings, held during the second week of July each year.

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Training Webinars

Three training webinars are provided during each accreditation cycle and are designed to support Program Evaluator Candidate Training: (1) society mentors assigned to PEVCs; (2) lead facilitators for upcoming PEVC Training sessions; and (3) support facilitators for the upcoming PEVC Training sessions.

Training webinars are by invitation only.

ABET Facts

Professional Development Hours

Anyone who attends ABET's events qualifies for professional development hours. PDHs help individuals acquire or maintain professional licensure, registrations, and certification.