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Use this publications order form (PDF) to purchase ABET publications available in print, on CD, or on a flash drive.  The current list of publications available includes:

  • A Proud Legacy of Quality Assurance in the Preparation of Technical Professionals: The ABET 75th Anniversary Retrospective Book 
  • Engineering Change: A Study of the Impact of EC2000 
  • ABET Accreditation Yearbook, editions published in 2010 or earlier [Current edition available online.] 
  • ABET Annual Report, editions published in 2008 or earlier [Current edition available online.] 
  • ABET Symposium Proceedings CDs or Flash Drives
  • Best Assessment Processes Symposium Proceedings CDs

The publications order form (PDF) includes prices, ordering instructions, and other details.

Previous editions of these and other ABET publications may be available. Contact us about availability and pricing.

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Seven societies founded ABET's predecessor, the Engineers' Council for Professional Development, in 1932. Today, ABET has 34 member societies representing many disciplines.