Request For Evaluation (RFE)

Programs meeting the eligibility requirements  can submit a Request for Evaluation (RFE) by January 31st to secure a review in the same calendar year between September and December. One official graduate’s transcript must accompany each program's request for evaluation.

Renewing a Program's Existing Accreditation

Programs with an existing accreditation must submit a Request for Evaluation for general / comprehensive visits, interim visits, or interim reports. Email us if you need password assistance.

Requesting Initial Accreditation

When seeking initial accreditation, a program must have a graduate prior to the team's on-site visit. ABET also requires a preliminary Self-Study Report -- called the Readiness Review -- from all programs seeking initial accreditation if the institution has no currently ABET-accredited programs in that same commission.

For more information or questions, please contact the ABET Accreditation Department.

Please choose one of the following three options:

When can a new program seek initial ABET accreditation?

ABET accreditation can be granted only if at least one student has graduated from the designated program. Retroactive accreditation may be granted to cover students who graduated during the academic year prior to the on-site visit. Typically, these are the students whose sample work and transcripts have been evaluated.

If a new program desires to have its first graduates covered by accreditation, the program’s initial visit should be arranged for the September-December time period immediately following the academic year in which the first student graduates.

Consider programs in the U.S., where the academic year typically starts in late August and ends in mid-August the following year, for example. If a program expects its first graduate in May 2015, the program should submit an RFE in January 2015 in order for the first graduate to be covered by accreditation. For a program that expects to have its first graduate in December 2015, the program should submit an RFE in January 2016.

For All Programs Outside of the U.S.

All programs located outside of the United States must use the Request for Approval (RFA) form to begin the process of requesting an evaluation. ABET will conduct an accreditation review and on-site visit outside the U.S. only with explicit permission from all applicable national education authorities and / or recognition / accreditation agencies in that program’s country or region. Please see Accreditation Outside of the U.S. for details.

Download the Request for Approval form (DOC) 

The Request for Approval must be submitted with a Request for Evaluation for either (1) initial accreditation of programs new to ABET or (2) a general review of accredited programs. A Request for Approval is not required for programs requesting an interim review.

Each appropriate recognition agency in the program’s country must complete an Request for Approval form.

All Requests for Approvals must be submitted to ABET by January 31st of the year in which a review is desired. This form should be submitted along with:

  • Request for Evaluations signed by the institution's President, Chancellor, Rector, or CEO.
  • One graduate's official transcript for each program requesting review. Official transcripts must be printed on the institution’s official transcript paper with the registrar’s signature and the institution’s official seal. An official/certified English translation should be provided if the official transcripts are issued in a language other than English.


Please contact the Accreditation Department.

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Accreditation Outside of the U.S.

Currently, ABET accredits 420 programs at 87 institutions in 28 countries outside of the United States. These programs span computing, engineering, and engineering technology disciplines.