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Attending an ABET-accredited program is key to your professional future.

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Accreditation is proof that the quality of an academic program meets the standards of the profession.

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Why Accreditation Matters to Students

Earning a degree is a significant achievement and an important investment in your future. Since so much of your future success depends on your educational foundation, the quality of the education you receive makes a big difference.

Learn why you should choose an ABET-accredited program.

Explore Technical Careers

The world faces a shortage of critical technical skills. There is a huge demand for talented, educated people who dream big and are inspired by the idea of changing the world.

Explore Technical Careers

Diploma & Accreditation Mills

What is a ''diploma mill?" Why should you avoid them? And how can you tell if a degree program has no value?

Make sure that you attend a program that ABET has accredited.

Employers Prefer Graduates of ABET-Accredited Programs

Every day, thousands of technical jobs requiring graduation from an ABET-accreditation program are available.

Look at the possibilities!

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Professional Development Hours

Anyone who attends ABET's events qualifies for professional development hours. PDHs help individuals acquire or maintain professional licensure, registrations, and certification.