Substantial Equivalency

ABET is no longer conducting substantial equivalency evaluations.

In the past, ABET evaluated programs outside of the U.S., by institutional request, to determine if they were "substantially equivalent" to ABET-accredited programs. "Substantial equivalency" means the program is comparable in program content and educational experience, but may differ in format or method of delivery.  It implies reasonable confidence that the program has prepared its graduates to begin professional practice at the entry level.  While these evaluations follow similar policies and procedures used for accreditation, no accreditation action is taken, nor is there any inference that a program in undergoing accreditation or will be accredited as a result of such review. 

Substantial equivalency is not binding on colleges, universities, employers, or licensing agencies. 

Some of the programs that are recognized as substantially equivalent, have now been accredited.  Please see our Accredited Program Search for a complete list of ABET accredited programs. 

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