Visa Letters

Air Mail Letters

If you plan on attending an ABET event and need an official invitation letter to obtain an entry visa into the United States, please contact ABET's International Relations Manager.

Since visa processing times vary by country, please check with your local U.S. Embassy to ensure that you will have enough time to receive your US entry visa.

Register and Make Payment First

Please register and pay for the event prior to requesting a letter. If you are unable to attend because you were not able to obtain the entry visa, your payment will be refunded.


If you need assistance with registration or payment for any ABET events, please contact us.

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ABET Facts

Accredited Programs at HBCUs

Howard University was the first historically black college or university to have ABET-accredited programs. ABET's predecessor, the Engineers' Council for Professional Development, accredited three engineering programs there in 1937.